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​​​Replacing a vinyl liner has never been easier.  With so many different liners to choose from, ProLiner transforms the dated pool into a complete makeover in hours time.  No more liner sagging, patches, or faded water lines.  Upgrade to Merlin's Aqua Max liner to ensure the longest lasting vinyl liner on the market!!!! 

Additional Services

Our Std. Liner Process

- On site liner measurement

- On site pool inspection

- Liner samples and liner choice assistance

- Detailed proposal with pricing guarantee

- Guaranteed install time frame

- Pool draining to onsite location (300 ft max)

- Existing liner removal and clean up

- Pool prep (wall foam, trowel bottom, rust 

  preventer, ect.)

- Brand new gasket installation

- Liner installation

- Pool fill

- New faceplate installation

- Liner cut out

- Job clean up

- Customer satisfaction report and punch list

Re-Placing A Vinyl Liner ?

- Step add-ons or deletions

- Installation of new  liner tracking

- LED light add on

- Std. light add on

- Pool bottom troweling

- Pool bottom replacement

- Wall foam installation

- Main drain repair or deletion

- Repair or replace skimmer / return

- Panel structural repair (pool wall)

- Water table solutions (floating liner)

- Plumbing line pressure testing

- Re-plumb existing equipment

- Brick / Stone coping installation

- Pool bond test (by NJ lic. electrician)

- Installation of new pumps, filters, heaters,      chlorinators, chlorine generators (salt     systems), ozone systems, and automation systems